FLX Pouchfill Series

The FLX PouchFill Series Includes the FLX Alpha, FLX Alpha XL and FLX Ultra

ALLIEDFLEX® wants to help you get started as quickly as possible with Innovative Pouch Packaging. That’s why we bring you the FIRST STEP tools to get to market fast. We understand that you may not be ready for a high volume – high output system and instead are looking for a reliable – cost effective – FIRST STEP | packaging solutions introducing :

FLX Alpha | FLX Alpha XL | FLX Ultra  |  Low speed, Low Cost solutions ideally suitable for Startup | Entrepreneurial Operation | Pilot Plant | Packaging Lab.

FLX Alpha System Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealling Machine

ALLIEDFLEX® Technologies is pleased to introduce their new FLX Alpha Standup Pouch Packager.  The FLX machinery series has been specially developed to offer an automated solution for the packaging of the popular Standup Pouch and other pre-made Pouch and Bag formats.

The FLX Alpha packager answers  the growing need and demand for a “lower output solution”  while maintaining a high level of reliable performance.

Allen Bradley PLC, Allen Bradley Electrical Components 12” Color Allen-Bradley Panelview Touchscreen

Pouch Styles include premade 3 or 4 side seal pouch, standup pouch and quad-side gusset

Output up to 15 PPM, depending on product characteristics, fill volume and filler capabilities

The FLX Alpha Packager is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A to the highest quality construction standards and incorporates the latest control technology typically only available in more advanced machinery. This high standard assures a reliable, efficient, safe and maintainable pouch packaging machinery solution.

Watch the FLX Alpha System in Action

Features Include:
• Compact, Economical and Simple to Operate
• Corrosion Resistant Washdown IP65 Standard
• UL Approved NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Cabinet with Integral Operator Interface.
• Allen Bradley PLC, Allen Bradley Electrical Components 12” Color Allen-Bradley Panelview Touchscreen
• HMI Operator Interface with Production Features

ALLIEDFLEX® has added a fantastic new option to its popular FLX Alpha filler. It now fills the popular Quadseal Pouch and can to accommodate either a linear scale or auger filler depending upon the product application.

• The FLX Alpha fills 10 – 12 pouches per minute depending upon fill volume and package size
• Our product settling feature helps to settle the product and flattens the bottom of the pouch
• A stack feeder or infeed conveyor option is available for “on the fly” pouch feeding

The ALLIEDFLEX® FLX Alpha has been configured with an ALL-FILL Auger Filling System. The ALL-FILL Auger filler is reliable, built to last and accommodates a multitude of different powders and granules across many different industries.

This FLX Alpha fills 8 – 15 pouches per minute depending upon fill volume and package size and is configured with an Automatic Pouch In-Feed Conveyor. The FLX Alpha can be configured to handle the popular Standup, Quad Seal, Side Gusset and Pillow Style Bags. It’s ideal for low output production, pilot plant or start-up operations.

Dust is a major problem when packaging a variety of dry powders and granules. Heavy dust from products such as baking flour, protein powder, powdered detergents, industrial chemicals, cleaning supplies, etc. can be a major challenge in the packaging process.

This ALLIEDFLEX® FLX Alpha model supports a wide variety of filling systems and applications. In the case of handling dusty products ALLIEDFLEX® and ALL-Fill have teamed up to address this issue with a new integrated dust extraction manifold interface which hooks up to a customer’s existing plant dust collection system. Our newly designed dust extraction manifold contributes toward a dust free environment.

This ALLIEDFLEX® FLX Alpha packaging system has been configured with a compression filling System. This system will compress soft volumetric products such as dried fruit and jerky and then using a plunger deliver it into a standup pouch.

This FLX Alpha includes a pouch stack infeed station, an integrated discharge pouch conveyor and a VIDEOJET system for adding a sell by date code to each pouch.

The FLX Alpha is ideal for low output production, pilot plant or start-up operations.

FLX Alpha XL System Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealling Machine

The FLX Alpha XL System Handles Larger Pouch & Bag Formats

The FLX Alpha XL can be used as a low to moderate production entry level system, ideally suited for R&D, pilot plant, start-up, and in-house test market trial operations. It can accommodate a wide variety of popular pouch and bag formats including popular standup/zipper and quad styles. The new XL model offers a broad size range capable of handling retail, club store, and larger food service sizes all on the same machine with rapid change over. The FLX Alpha models are all designed to handle pre-made pouches and bags made of laminated, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials. Ultrasonic sealing is available as an option.

The FLX Alpha XL utilizes a Rockwell – Allen Bradley Control System and User-Friendly Color Allen-Bradley Panelview HMI – Operator Interface. The system is manufactured to meet UL and CSA electrical codes and US safety codes.

The FLX Alpha XL can be configured with a multitude of filling systems including weighers, augers, pumps, and other feeding mechanisms to suit a multitude of product applications. Special executions for washdown and dusty applications available.

Watch the FLX Alpha XL System in Action

FLX Ultra System Automatic Pouch Filling and Sealling Machine

Watch the FLX Ultra System in Action

The ALLIEDFLEX® FLX Ultra fills large liquid filled pouches with a pre-made corner spout, it’s one of the fastest growing pouch formats in the marketplace today.

This system is configured with a servo driven positive displacement pump to fill corner spouted pouches with liquid and semi-liquid products.  It’s configured with an Automatic Pouch In-Feed Conveyor, features an on-line Markem roll fed print and apply applicator and based on a 4.5 liter fill volume will fill approximately 6 filled pouches per minute.

Filled pouches are then sealed by an integrated Hermann Ultrasonic Sealing System, it utilizes an Allen Bradley Control System with Color HMI Operator Panel and is built to UL electrical and Nema 4X washdown standards.  To insure proper fill accuracy this FLX Ultra system is integrated with a downstream HI-Speed check weigher with underweight pouch rejection and the finished pouches are transported onto a stainless steel rotary product collection table for manual case packing.  This FLX Ultra Pouch Fill Seal System is ideal for low volume applications, pilot plant or start-up operations.

For more information on the FLX Alpha, FLX Alpha XL and the FLX Ultra

FLX (®) is a Trade Mark of ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. 

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